Bloomy Days With Flowers at the Farm

The rain clouds are holding back, there are new piglets in the paddock and the peonies are finally blessing us with their presence – our morning with Flowers at the Farm starts off on a delightful note. 

Originally set in Byron’s Industrial Estate, the beloved floristry joined the “Farmily” (as they call it) at The Farm on the outskirts of Byron in Ewingsdale just a few years ago. Now at home in a happy tin shed with chickens running amok, Three Blue Ducks next door and a patch of their own flowers just up the way, the talented florists haven’t looked back since.

In love with Flowers at the Farm for quite some time, we dropped by to meet with store manager Elle to talk about their well-known style, statement-making florals and to play with their beautiful peonies (how could we resist).

You do a lot of weddings both at the Farm and far away. Why do the happy couples come to you?

Well, we used to do about 250 a year but since we’ve moved to the Farm we’ve capped them to just 60 so we can focus on our beautiful shop and making beautiful things for all occasions, not just weddings. Brides can be pretty set, but they choose us because they love our style. We’re definitely known for being quite rustic and wild.

What have you seen a lot of lately?

This year has seen a lot of white and green. We do get asked for it all the time. It’s so lovely and classic but we’re ready for a change.

What would you like to see a lot of?

Definitely colour. If it was my choice, I’d have a lot of deeper tones: browns, golds, dried things, burgundies… We are seeing less and less people being formal with weddings. Their ceremonies are laidback and their choice in flowers is becoming a lot more casual. I think we’re moving away from the whites.

How can you make a big statement with florals at home this season?

The best thing in my opinion is just to do en masse. I think people try to replicate what a florist does and mix too many things, but there’s nothing nicer than an abundance of one beautiful product – peonies, for instance. Even greenery from your garden. I’m such a forager – I’ll pick out of anyone’s garden who I know.

Talk to us about peonies. Why do we love them so much?

They have such a short season, just from about November 5th every year to mid December, but I think that’s why we love them. They’re one of those things you’ll only get maybe twice out of the season and that’s about it. 
If there are weddings during that time, they’ve planned it for the peonies. They really do. One of my brides last week said to her husband, “Honey, you know our whole wedding was in November because of peonies, right?” And he just totally couldn’t get it, haha.

What would you tell a bride planning their wedding?

Don’t make any solid ideas too early. Styles change with flowers as they do with fashions. We see brides go through eight or nine changes throughout the process who are then left without any clear vision. Get your florist early but start with flowers only 6-8 months out and go with something bright for photographs. Beautiful colour looks ten times better than white and green.

What other company should we check out?

The Candle Library. What they do is really amazing.